Since the floor is the largest surface in your home, it’s impossible not to notice. It’s mostly the first surface to reflect the wear and tear of your daily life. Because of this, investing in quality flooring is a smart choice for both the style of your property and its value. With the right team of professionals, you’re guaranteed incomparable results.

J&Y Painting Solutions, LLC provides efficient floor installation and repair services in Waldorf, Maryland. Licensed and Insured, our client’s security and satisfaction are our top priority.

Additionally, we’re always aiming to provide our clients with quality work at affordable prices. Rest assured we always choose the best quality in materials to provide first-grade results.

Floor Repair

Because of all the wear and tear your flooring is exposed to, it can get damaged. When you reach the point that no matter how thoroughly you clean your floor it looks deeply scratched or dented, it’s time to call in the experts. Repair your flooring to avoid costly damages and tackle any issues as soon as you see them.

Floor Installation

We help you decide the best type of flooring considering the location and how much traffic flow it will have. In order to have beautiful and durable floors, it’s crucial to have a team of professionals who install it for you. Rest assured we provide reliable floor installation with any type of material you’d like.


Hardwood flooring is timeless and elegant. It’s impossible not to notice beautiful hardwood floors. As a result, houses are sold faster when they have this type of flooring. While they do require care, it’s certainly easy to clean and maintain hardwood. With proper installation, you’re guaranteed a long-lasting result.


Vinyl flooring is an affordable and versatile option that many homeowners love. They’re quite easy to install and they imitate the look of other types of flooring such as hardwood and natural stone, without the cost. They’re quite adaptable to any room and one of their main advantages is the durability they have.


Ceramic tiles are mostly related to bathrooms and kitchens due to their water resistance, easy maintenance, and durability. Tile flooring is always unique since it has a huge variety of patterns, sizes, and colors. With proper installation, you ensure you end up with an impressive look and long-lasting result.

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